£249 for coronavirus test proves need for nationalisation!

April 7, 2020

The Express and Star reported on 4th April, 2020 that “drive-thru coronavirus testing [is now] available in Wolverhampton for £249”.

Based in Summerfield Road, near West Park, the private health clinic said “the tests are for anyone who feels they may be suffering from coronavirus and is looking for peace of mind.”

However, workers should not have to choose between “a peace of mind” and £249 – over 28 hours of working on current minimum wage. They should have direct access to free testing through a full-funded NHS.

To add salt to the wound, Summerfield Health Care are kind enough to offer a £50 discount for NHS staff workers. So, whilst you’re risking your life fighting the pandemic, you’re going to have to still fork out £199 to have that “peace of mind”.

We need nationalisation.

Our call for the nationalisation and full funding of the NHS isn’t new. This photo is from a demo in London, 2011.

The fragmentation, privatisation, and profit-led management that this and previous Tory governments have installed has left the NHS and other services bare and underprepared for this pandemic. Private companies and their bosses, however, remain well prepared to put wealth before health.

Instead of paying £249 for a coronavirus test, how about nationalising all private health care companies and providing free tests for everyone, not just the wealthy?

Wolverhampton was one of the first cities to get drive-through testing on the NHS before the Tories ordered resources away from one of the biggest coronavirus hotspots!

We demand:

  • Tests for every worker (even those self-isolating)
  • Nationalise pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers!
  • Full pay, not 80%.
  • Full funding for the NHS and research into the vaccination now!

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