Watch The Socialism 2020 Rally

November 25, 2020

This year’s edition of The Socialist Party’s annual Socialism weekend brought together over 1,000 participants to take part in 38 zoom workshops over a period of four days, discussing themes of “After Corbyn”, “Smash Racism”, Trotskyism, Marxism, and more.

Although the rallies and workshops addressing the unprecedented political, economic, environmental and health crises had to be online only, people left feeling like they had been in real discussions with real people about a real way forward.

Videos of the workshop introductions will be published to the Socialist Party Youtube channel in the coming days and weeks. But in the meantime you can watch footage of our Saturday evening rally back now.

Speakers included Socialist Party General Secretary Hannah Sell,  Howie Hawkins, Green Party US presidential candidate; student activist Bea Gardner; leading trade unionists Hugo Pierre and Howard Beckett, and anti-racist activist Isai Priya.