Standing Up For The Working Class

April 10, 2022

Working class people in the Black Country have been thrown under the bus for years now.

Local councils have cut hundreds of millions of pounds from services, seeing thousands of jobs axed in the process. And thanks to a decade long squeeze on wages we are now being hammered by a cost of living crisis which both Labour and Tories on councils and in Westminster are doing next to nothing about.

That’s why Socialist Party members are standing as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition in this May’s council elections to take on the establishment parties and offer an alternative for working class people in Sandwell, Dudley and Wolverhampton.

Between now and 5th May we’ll be letting people know that they don’t have to waste their vote on the same old establishment parties.

Socialists don’t just want to defend the scraps the government have left us. We fight to stop all cuts but also bring back all the valuable services sold off, closed and abandoned over the years.

Rather than working class people just about managing to scrape by, we fight for an end to the cost of living squeeze, starting with a £15/hr minimum wage, a 15% pay rise in the NHS and care, an end to zero-hour contracts and a 50% increase to pensions.

If you agree, get in touch to find out how you can get involved.

We’ll also be holding a public meeting to discuss how we can build the campaign for a political voice for the working class:

Black Country TUSC public meeting

7pm, Tuesday 3rd May 2022

Bilston People’s Centre

Wolverhampton Street


WV14 0LT

And on Thursday 5th May, you can vote for the following TUSC candidates:


Bilston East – Hannah Davis

Oxley – Josh Allerton


Cradley Heath & Old Hill – Cammilla Mngaza

Oldbury – Richard Gingell

Wednesbury North – Gareth Knox


St Thomas’s – Nicola Fisher

This post promoted by Joshua Allerton at 84 Blackburn Avenue, Wolverhampton on behalf of Black Country TUSC candidates