Vote TUSC in the Tividale By-election!

June 19, 2021

A by-election has been called for the Tividale council seat for Thursday 15th July. The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition will be standing to offer an alternative to pro-cuts Labour and Tory councillors.

Unlike Tory-lite Labour councillors, socialist councillors would resist Tory austerity instead of passing on savage cuts. we would be a voice for local people against austerity, greedy landlords, privatisation and closures. If councils put up a fight and set no cuts budgets, winning support from workers and the trade unions, they could force another Tory U-turn and win the funding our communities need.

We’ll be using this election campaign to help publicise the struggles of workers at Sandwell Leisure Trust against fire and rehire and the council’s refuse workers fighting Serco for safe working conditions, as well as highlighting the threat to our green spaces.

We’re holding an open meeting at 2pm on Sunday 11th July at the Twydale Avenue entrance to Tividale Park – come along to hear more about what a socialist councillor would do differently.

Promoted by Nick Hart at 59 Stanmore Road, Birmingham on behalf of Richard Gingell.